Fire Suppression Philosophy: A First Attempt

This is my first attempt at setting out a philosophy of fire suppression operations. Advertisements

Smart Dogs

They say the smart dog obeys, but the smarter dog knows when to disobey.  “Yes,” she says. “The smarter anything knows when to disobey. ” ~ Amy Hempel ~ In The Cemetery Where Al Jolson Is Buried


Lt. Vincent Perez- An Open Letter of Expressed Sorrow

Dear Lt. Perez- It is unfortunate that my letter to you comes too late for your consideration. We did not know each other and now never will. I ask that you forgive the raw sentimentality. By all descriptions you were a fireman among firemen and thusly not likely inclined to being sentimental. But you died … Continue reading

What the public wants

I have devoted no small amount of energy on this blog discussing what the public might want. We have scant evidence in this area, they don’t often tell us directly what they want. So check out this STORY and it appears that the answer is clear, it makes sense (common sense) and it is simple. … Continue reading