One of the things that I have not considered in previous thought on the mechanism by which small ad-hoc teams break drown under pressure, e.g., fail to perform, is the notion of trust. So to work through this notion of trust and the impact it has on ad-hoc teams when a crisis comes (and by … Continue reading

Narrative Shifts

Once upon a time I went to a therapy session. The intent of which was to solidify from individual narratives of what happened or did not happen at a fire into a single narrative, nominally the truth. It was an event of finite curiosity. What I heard and saw was what I call narrative shifting. … Continue reading

It happened so fast

Sometimes we find ourselves on the second half of the chessboard, never having understood the first half. Then as we begin to fold under the weight of so many grains of rice, or wheat, or pollen, or whatever it is, we are amazed anew. It is not the change that baffles but the rate of … Continue reading