About (The New Tinhelmet)

My name is Charles Bailey. I work for a municipal fire department in the Mid-Atlantic currently serving as a Battalion Chief. I spent nearly 20 years as a volunteer firefighter, officer, and Chief. I created tinhelmet.com as a place for exploration of ideas and I think the site served me well over the years. This site is the easier to manipulate cousin of tinhelmet.com. It allows me to take advantage of smart phones and 24/7 connectivity to remain more current than I did with tinhelmet. Another advantage of this format is the ability to more easily manage comments, allowing for direct and public feedback. Tinhelmet was a good time and I learned a lot doing it, let’s hope this site works out just as well.

One Response to “About (The New Tinhelmet)”
  1. Art Zern says:


    I’m sure you won’t remember but…. we met in New Orleans following Katrina. I was working with Chief Bowers and the IMT as the Illinois deligate to the joint IMT. In any case, that’s where I learned about the original Tin Helmet. I followed your writings and found them always interesting, thoughtful and thought provoking. I’m really glad to find you have decided to continue with this new site. You are off to a great start, thanks.

    Best regards,


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