Rules of Engagement

This blog was started by Charles Bailey in an attempt to create a space where intelligent discourse about the how and why we go about the the work of putting out fires and taking sick people to the hospital can occur.

My plan is to censor the discussion, to approve or disapprove each comment, in the hopes that this discussion does not degrade into the personal bashing and general nonsense of the other forums. I believe that it is alright that we disagree on things, I encourage it actually, but this blog will function with a high level of personal and professional and intellectual integrity.

Initially access to or rather knowledge of this space will be limited to you, the people I have invited to participate. If it grows then it grows, so it goes.

I initiatlly thought that I would prefer that no one leave their name or any uniquely identifying comments. I have changed my mind and will require a name of some sort. Anonymity has its place as it allows people to speak without fear of retribution or loss of stature in their respective communities of thought. However, as we all know, anonymity can be dangerous because it empowers the weak to lash out in ways they never could face to face. I think that careful attention on my part to the content of comments will lessen the latter burden.

WIth that said I will post some general comment(s) as they occur to me and then you may post as often as you like in response to those comments. In the future I will entertain adding other administrators so as to increase the perspective. If anyone has a topic that they would like to post please just email me

Finally, while almost everyone who was invited works for the same fire department, there are others who have been invited, many of whom are certifiable subject matter experts. Again, anonymity plays a role here because there may be things that they believe or want to say that they cannot say from a professional perspective but can say when there is no chance that it will be held against them. If one day they choose to identify themselves, then so be it, it is a decision that they alone will make.

Thank you for coming and here’s to the hope that we can have engaging discourse.


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