The Post Mortem and Normal Accident Theory

Consider what happens after a significant injury or death to a firefighter…ask yourself, “…what is the purpose of the investigation? What might it accomplish?” I have settled on an answer and offer three information sources that I used to reach my conclusion (they are listed in the order in which I found them: 1. Lee … Continue reading


“Basketball is an intricate, high-speed game filled with split-second, spontaneous decisions. But that spontaneity is possible only when everyone first engages in hours of highly repetitive and structured practice–perfecting their shooting, dribbling, and passing and running plays over and over again–and agrees to play a carefully defined role on the court. . . . spontaneity … Continue reading

Red Fire Engines

The way color works is pretty amazing. It turns out that a red fire engine is only red inasmuch as it absorbs all light, except red light. What reflects off of the fire engine is red light. Our eyes see the reflected light and voila, the fire engine appears to be red. Truth is, as … Continue reading

Manufactured Expertise

Any universal “expertise” in a low frequency high-risk venture, such as fighting a fire, is by its very nature a manufactured expertise, of more use rhetorically than practically. [More]


Imagine you grew up in the small town of Antipodes a town so small in fact that everyone was related in some way, either by blood or marriage. In this small town, a town you never left, not even for a minute, everyone believes that red is blue. Whereever they saw red they said blue. … Continue reading

Standard Operating Procedures…

If you must continuously think and/or act outside the box might you not be better off inside a new box?


check this out then answer one question: why?

Correction on the post Bill Carey did not write

Quick Update….BILL CAREY DID NOT WRITE THE PIECE I REFER TO BELOW I read the work of others. But I disagree with the underlying message of the search paradigm as explained in blog post from this morningTHE DICHOTOMY OF RISK I offer a different take here p.s. Dave LeBlanc wrote it and he comments below.


a quiet few days for a change…posting extended version of last post….enjoy

Help Wanted: Aggressive Interior Attack Apologist

The more I think about it the harder it is to find a sound reason for using the “aggresive interior attack” as the primary modality for fire suppression operations. This blog post represents my first open challenge for an Aggressive Interior Attack Apologist to emerge and clarify some issues for me. In this post I … Continue reading